Hello to our new audience and thank you for coming to our website. We are a pharmaceutical blog that talks about marijuana versus synthetic narcotic painkillers. A little bit about us is that we are a group of X pharmacists that ¬†used to dole out heavy amounts of narcotics to our customers and we saw many of them get addicted and ultimately died because of it. The narcotics screwed up a lot of these patients lives and tore apart their families. These types of drugs need to be shunned out of society because they are highly addictive and cause thousands of deaths per year. Heck, Prince died a couple weeks ago because of painkilling narcotics. If he had ¬†Little Mary Jane, then his pain would’ve been taken care of you naturally. Marijuana is a plant that grows naturally so God put on this earth to be a natural painkiller. So why are we going off and creating medicines that are synthetic? No one really knows the answer to this question but we hope we can figure out as we post more articles on this blog. If you have not seen our opening article yet then please go view it.