The benefits of the CBD marijuana chemical


Hello everybody and welcome to our next post on narcotics  versus marijuana. We want to inform you that we  we are talking about the CBD chemical in marijuana. This is perhaps the number one painkilling  medicine in the world. We think that it is this because of the fact that many different people have been using it for the past five or so years now. They have actually found many health benefits  from the cbd chemical.  The biggest health benefit though is that it is the biggest natural painkiller out there.

We believe that the CBD chemical is going to shut out all narcotics forever. What we mean by this is that with the new natural medicine, it will take over the role  of what narcotics do. Studies have actually shown that the CBD chemical from marijuana actually kills more pain than the highest dose of OxyContin that exists. Now that is something to talk about. Especially because this has no side effects whatsoever.  Is that something that is crazy? Well we sure think it is!

The CBD chemical can come in many different variations, you can get it in an edible, you can smoke it, it comes in and extract, and many other different ways. We have found that the number one way to get  The best you set of the chemical is to use the pier extract. The difference between this and smoking the marijuana itself is that this is the purest form of the CBD that you can get it. The best part about the extract is that it completely takes out the high with only 1% THC. So it is so minuscule that you won’t even feel the high.  This is going to change things so that kids now can use the CBD who have very bad medical issues with pain. The controversy that people were facing before is that they did not want kids to be smoking marijuana itself because smoking is bad for children’s  lungs especially.  You don’t want to be putting bad things like tour and your kids Longs, because it is going to make them get something like asthma and then have breathing problems. Have you ever seen somebody that has a hole in the throat because they were smoking too much? That is what will happen to your child if they start smoking weed at a young age then they will start getting into things like cigarettes which are a lot more unhealthy.

The way you take to extract is that you just put the solution in a little bit of water, mix it up and then drink it. It is literally that simple, now anybody will be able to do it. With the breakthroughs that science has been making  about marijuana just in the past five years,  we are bound to eventually have a cure to every disease known to man. Who knows? Maybe we will even be able to cure cancer and take away STDs with new marijuana research.  This is a concept that we absolutely love talking about because it is something that is going to change the world and this generation is going to be the first people to witness such a big historical event.

That is all the information we have to share today with you guys. We sincerely hope that our knowledge about the CBD chemical has been able to teach you about the good sides of marijuana now. So please make sure that if you are looking at taking painkillers that you consider the CBD chemical.

We want to reach out and give a special thanks  to web M.D. for giving us inspiration on the CBD chemical. They have more information on this topic then even though we do. And they have information to answer all your medical needs.