Narcotics versus marijuana

Hello everybody in this is a blog on the reasons of why you should not take narcotics and narcotic painkillers versus marijuana. This is a very controversial topic between the old-style narcotic painkillers like Xanax, Oxsee cotton, and  Vicodin and  marijuana it is been shown in studies that marijuana is naturally a better painkiller and then any of these narcotic painkillers. The best part about marijuana is that it is natural. But the controversy is that marijuana makes you high  so therefore you cannot function while on it, personally we think that is a garbage answer. Everybody knows that narcotic painkillers make you way more high than marijuana does. Just ask people who take  and they will say that these painkillers often times I messed them up so badly that they can’t even function when they’re on them. Narcotics are very addictive and easy to overdo son. There are many  deaths every year due to these pills and nobody is doing anything about it.

On the contrary though, they have actually found a way to extract a certain chemical out of the marijuana plant that is only the painkiller completely taking the high away. With the new advances in science marijuana is going to be the future of painkilling medicine. There is absolutely no side effects from marijuana and there are no signs that it  is addictive. It is best to be used for medical uses only though. Did you know that there has not been one single recorded from an overdose on marijuana? Yes that is a true statement and we need to  start getting people off of medicines like OxyContin and on medicines like a CBD marijuana extract oil.

this blog is going to be about everything that has to exist about marijuana. We will be doing many different posts that compare different types of marijuana to different types of narcotic painkillers. Our hope is for our readers to see that you do not need  these synthetic drugs to take care of your pain.

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