Naturopathic doctor versus regular practice

Hello everybody and we are back with another post for you guys. Today we will be talking to you about the differences between choosing a natural pathic doctor and choosing a traditional practice doctor and why you should go natural.

You should  choose a natural pathic doctor because they will only tell you to use natural remedies to illnesses and not unhealthy narcotic pills or anything of the sort. Let’s start with the difference between one.   Another troll pathic doctor is somebody who goes off the principles of only using natural occurring remedies to cure diseases. A regular practice doctor relies on modern science and prescribed you certain medication when you have a problem or they rely on surgery and other things like that. Natural pathic doctors do not rely on surgery . They believe that they have found other ways to heal your body without cutting it open or putting harmful chemicals in your body. That means they will not even prescribe you antibiotics because those can have side effects too.

As you know, we are a blog of X pharmaceutical doctors that used to give our clients heavy doses of narcotics to kill their pain. No we have switched over to a more natural practice where we do not offer any more painkilling medicines. We do offer medications but only ones that are completely all natural. For example, as you have seen in our other posts we recommend that if you have really bad pain that you get the CBD chemical from marijuana and use that to take care of your pain. We will prescribe other medications for people as well as long as they fit  The natural guidelines.

This means that these trucks only came from plant extracts and natural occurring chemicals and they are not developed in a lab. The only thing that is mixed is a bunch of all natural ingredients. Because with the things that mother Earth gross, you can never get a side effect because it is part of nature.

One big reason why you do not want to take any medications that are natural is because they can really harm your body if you take too many. There is such thing as an overdose which is the point where you take too many pills and your body has a very bad reaction. Often times this leads to death if you cannot get to a hospital in time.

We just really want to encourage you guys to keep everything all natural because it is the way you’re going to keep your body the healthiest and you will live the longest. We have seen too many of our patients and clients ruin our lives and some ending up in tragic deaths because they were addicted to narcotic painkillers. We do not want to see anything like that ever happen again so we refuse to  prescribed any over-the-counter medicine ever again.

that is all the information we have to share with you today and we hope that you were able to catch a good nugget out of what we told you. Take everything we just said it very seriously as we tell you these things because we are honest not because we are trying to get money out of you. All we want is the best for everybody’s health.