The pending legalization of marijuana

Marijuana has been something that has been trying to get legalize for over the past 50 years. With recent studies, which it has been shown that this plant literally has no negative effects on the human body at all. That myth that smoking it makes you dumb is  wrong and it is false information. Smoking something like this is bad for you because you are in hailing the carcinogens from the paper, not the actual plant itself.

 There has been so much controversy over why it shouldn’t be legalized especially in the past 10 years. Because of all the research that is being made, the guy backed into a crew and it is just a matter of time now before  marijuana is federally legalized and everybody will be able to legally use it. Although something like this will be available for recreation, we still highly advise that you only use it for medical purposes. Smoking things is unhealthy for you in general because you are inhaling all of the gross things that are in  The thing you are smoking it with. Marijuana is healthy for your body and all, and provides a very good painkiller, but smoking it can still lead to lung cancer. This is because marijuana has torrent it and when you smoke it, that gets into your lungs and coats them. The best way that we recommend you  marijuana if you’re ever going to would be to vaporize with it. You can buy little tools such as handheld vaporizers to help you do things like this. They have one that is called the  volcano  vaporizer and you can use just the regular marijuana plants inside of it. That’s just a little insight on how to properly and just marijuana so that you are not risking your health because of it. If you smoke it you will be risking your health.

 Although marijuana is not legalized federally for recreation, it is still legalized in almost every state for medical uses. So if you are somebody that needs to use marijuana for medical purposes, all you have to do is go get a prescription/medical card from the doctor saying that you can legally use it now. You have to have an actual legitimate disease and reason for having to use marijuana though. They are just going to write you a license for a coffee or something as simple as that.  We won state in the US that is probably the largest for medical marijuana is California. California is a very large state that has over 30 million people now so obviously you know why it’s got the largest medical marijuana population. There are literally thousands of medical  dispensaries in Southern California making a very strong living off of marijuana sales down there. We see this as something very good because we are natural pathic doctors, so we do not believe in heavy pain killer narcotics.

 Who actually know quite a few of the dispensary owners down in Southern California and one of them is our best friend Josh and he owns the dispensary called wake and bake good times. That sounds like a very traditional pothead saying for  A pain clinic, but it does a good job I had attracting new customers. That dispensary does very well and Josh is done a lot to help us out in the past by sending us some of his  medical marijuana patients to get other natural treatments for different pains and diseases that they had. Josh on top of owning that dispensary, also owns many different businesses in California.  We would really like to show him some love and support by supporting one of his new businesses that is up and coming. If you could please go check out that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everybody for listening to what we had to share today and remember to come back tomorrow for more.